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Release Notes


  • Ticker, Screener, and Research classes now accept the keyword argument progress. If set to True, a progress bar will be displayed when downloading data. The default value is False.
  • Add a search function. This allows you to query Yahoo Finance for anything. Search for a company via cusip, ISIN number, name, etc. The function returns a dictionary containing most relevant quotes and news items. You can also provide an argument first_quote that returns only the most relevant quote from the query.
  • Add a currency_converter function. This will retrieve the current conversion rate between two specified currencies as well as historical rates over a specified period.
  • Fix bug related to converting financials (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) to dataframe.


  • Fix bug related to ticker symbols with "&"
  • Add functionality to retrieve most recent 30 days of one minute interval data
  • Add Taiwan to the COUNTRIES dictionary


  • Allow premium subscribers to set environment variables for their Yahoo login credentials, specifically YF_USERNAME and YF_PASSWORD
  • Fix bug when validating symbols. If too many symbols are passed, the URL that's constructed becomes too long and a 414 error occurs
  • Fix bug related to login via Selenium
  • Enable country argument in miscellaneous functions
  • Add argument, adj_ohlc, to history method that allows user to adjust OHLC data based on adjusted close


  • Add more data accessors for the Ticker class: quotes, corporate_events, all_financial_data, get_financial_data, corporate_guidance, p_all_financial_data, and p_get_financial_data
  • Financials methods now include optional argument to include / exclude the trailing tweleve month (TTM) data.
  • The history method on the Ticker class now accepts an optional argument to adjust the timezone (adj_timezone) to the ticker's timezone. It defaults to True.
  • Further documentation of acceptable keyword arguments to the Ticker class.
  • is now a method. It accepts two arguments: count - number of items to return; start - start date to begin retrieving news items from
  • Bug fixes: Ticker.history method no longer returns extra rows when retrieving intraday data.


  • Increase the number of items available through the income_statement, cash_flow, p_income_statement, and p_cash_flow methods on the Ticker class.
  • Update how the session is initialized; specifically, include a timeout in the requests that are made, include a hook for bad status codes, and mount the adapter / retry to https requests


  • Add valuation_measures as a property to the Ticker class. Additionally, for Yahoo Finance premium subscribers, they can access the p_valuation_measures and supply either a, q, or m (annual, quarterly, monthly). The data returned with these can be seen in the Statistics tab through the Yahoo Finance front-end.


  • Fix bug in retrieving cash flow / income statement data. Most recent month was combining with TTM. A new column was created in the dataframe called 'periodType'. Annual data will be shown as '12M', quarterly data will be shown as '3M', and trailing 12 month data will be shown as 'TTM'.


  • Fix timestamp conversion in the _format_data method of the _YahooFinance class


  • New Research class that allows a user with a premium subscription to retrieve research reports and trade ideas from Yahoo Finance. List of trade ideas through Yahoo Finance can be seen at: Research reports can be seen at


  • New Screener class that allows a user to retrieve predefined Yahoo Finance lists. Some of these lists include most active, day gainers, day losers, cryptocurrencies, and sectors / industries


  • Have Ticker class inherit from a base class, defined in as _YahooFinance. The base class contains the order of operations to retrieve data (construct parameters, construct URLs, validate response, and format the data).
  • Yahoo login functionality, which allows a user to retrieve Premium data if they are a subscriber

  • All available financials data (income_statement, balance_sheet, cash_flow)

  • Company 360 (innovation score, significant developments, supply chain, hiring statistics, and company outlook)
  • Premium portal (research reports, trade ideas, technical events, value analyzer, and company snapshots)
  • Technical events
  • Value analyzer (High-level value analysis)
  • Value analyzer Drilldown (Detailed information about a symbol(s) value)
  • Research reports
  • Trade ideas

  • New (free) data!

  • news

  • page_views
  • recommendations
  • technical_insights
  • validation

  • Change several properties and methods (get_endpoints -> get_modules, all_endpoints -> all_modules)


  • Fix bug related to symbols that have characters that need to be url encoded (^)


  • Allow for user to use a string as a list of symbols to pass to Ticker class. For example, previous version would require user to pass ['fb', 'msft', 'goog'] to retrieve those three symbols. Now, the user can pass 'fb msft goog' or 'fb,msft,goog'.
  • Allow user to pass string, as well as list, to get_endpoints method. For example, ['assetProfile', 'balanceSheetHistory'] is equivalent to 'assetProfile balanceSheetHistory'.


  • Fill NA values from history dataframe. Event data (dividends and splits) will be filled with zeros. Other columns (high, low, open, close, volume, adjclose) will be filled with prior day's data.
  • Fill NA values from options dataframe. Missing values are replaced with zero


  • Entire library makes asynchronous requests (missing piece was the option_chain method).


  • Missing required library requests-futures in file


  • Add asynchronous requests with the requests-futures library
  • Add "events" to the history dataframe (dividends and splits)


  • Add adjclose column to dataframe returned from yahooquery.Ticker.history


  • Changed private Ticker variables (_ENDPOINTS, _PERIODS, and _INTERVALS) to public
  • Updated README for new multiple endpoint methods as well as a comparison to yfinance
  • Forced dictionary return when formatted = False.


  • Bug fix related to accessing the multiple endpoint methods (get_endpoints, all_endpoints). Error would occur during formatting, specifically for the earningsTrend endpoint
  • Bug fix related to passing one endpoint to the get_endpoints method.


- - Added docstrings to each property / method - Changed get_multiple_endpoints method to get_endpoints - Added all known endpoints into Ticker class. Missing endpoints were earnings, earnings_trend, and index_trend


  • Removed combine_dataframes kwarg. This is just the default behavior now.
  • Removed ticker column in history method. symbol is now part of a MultiIndex in the returned DataFrame


  • Updated option_chain method for bugs as well as MultiIndex indexing to allow the user an easier way to make cross-sections of the resulting data.


  • Made the symbols argument to the Ticker class a required argument
  • Fixed bug related to the fund_category_holdings property.
  • Fixed bug related to the history method.
  • Added tests and initial attempt at Travis CI


  • Added frequency arguments to balance_sheet, cash_flow, and income_statement methods. They will default to annual, but can return quarterly statements with "q" or "Q" arguments.
  • Added a calendar_events property to the Ticker class. Shows next earnings date, previous dividend date, and other metrics.


  • Fixed bug related to formatting empty lists


  • Add fund_performance property to the Ticker class. Shows historical fund performance as well as category performance.